CALENDAR - appointment will NOT delete no matter what I do! HELP!

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I am a Microsoft 365 user and have an issue with the calendar regarding a recurring appointment that is no longer relevant that I have tried to delete but it will not go away!  I have tried so many different strategies that I have found online and nothing has helped.  I put in a support ticket to Microsoft 365 a MONTH ago and I get a lot of emails apologizing about the delay, but nothing besides that (!!).  SO, I come to you, forum...  


Some background- 

I have admin permissions for all Microsoft 365 accounts here.

The calendar actually belongs to another user but I was invited to the calendar an given the fullest permission available to edit the calendar, etc.  

The appointment was entered into the calendar while I was logged in to my user account; it is set as recurring indefinitely.  It needs to be removed, but will not go away...  Any attempts to remove it result in it disappearing for a few seconds and returning. 


I have tried deleting when logged un under my account, the admin account, and the user's account - no success.

I have tried to change the parameters of the appointment- changing the time to like 11 pm or changing the date to like Saturday so that at least it does not interfere with the days/hours on the calendar  use...  changing the end date of the recurrence...  removing the recurrence...  etc. - all from being logged in to the different accounts above-- still no success.

I have tried all of the above via the online website version or Microsoft 365/Outlook as well as via the desktop version I have downloaded.  

I have tried to 'repair' Outlook. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Outlook.  I followed some steps I saw online that I don't recall by going into different parts of settings in Outlook.

NOTHING will get rid of this appointment.




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Hi @fsuadrienne,

thanks for your detailed explanation.

  1. Try to delete the appointment in Outlook Safe Mode

    - Right-click the Start button, and click Run.


    - Type Outlook.exe /safe, and click OK.


    Tip: If Windows can't find Outlook.exe /safe, try using the full path to Outlook (for example C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX, where XX is your version number).

    Open Outlook in safe mode - Microsoft Support


  2. Delete the appointment from the server using Outlook Web Access (OWA).
    Delete an appointment or a meeting - Microsoft Support

    • To do this, log in to OWA and open the calendar.
    • Right-click the appointment and select Delete.
    • If you can delete the appointment from OWA, but not from Outlook, then the problem is likely caused by a corrupted Outlook data file. To repair your Outlook data file you can use this link: Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost) - Microsoft Support

If you are still having trouble deleting the appointment, you can use the MFCMAPI tool.

MFCMAPI is a powerful tool that can be used to manage Exchange mailboxes, including deleting appointments. However, it is important to note that MFCMAPI is a complex tool, and it should be used with caution. It is important to make sure that you have a backup of your mailbox before using MFCMAPI.

To use MFCMAPI to delete a recurring appointment, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install MFCMAPI from Microsoft: Install the samples used in this section | Microsoft Learn
  2. Open MFCMAPI and log in to your Exchange mailbox.
  3. Expand the Root Container node and then expand the Calendar node.
  4. Right-click the recurring appointment that you want to delete and select Delete.
  5. In the Delete Item dialog box, select the Delete the entire series option and then click OK.

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