Bad UX regarding sub folders - plus inconsistent behavior between OLD and NEW Outlook

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If you create sub folders in the NEW Outlook (365, business), e.g. in (365) groups:
- they don't appear in the OLD Outlook at all, even not the mails in those folders, they vanish totally
- but quite unbelievable is that if you click on a parent folder, it does NOT show the child elements,
unless you click on the left side the ">". This also prevents to drag&drop several folders.

Users are totally irritated and I wonder myself, has MS no person responsible for the UX? Please fix this strange behavior, I cannot count how many users asked "where are those emails?" or "it is empty!" although it is not.

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Afaik "classic" Outlook does not support Group folders at all. Only OWA and the new client do.

@Vasil Michev thank you, your feedback is appreciated. So there is no chance, that the old "classic" outlook will ever show these sub folders? Where should users store their "done" emails, just delete them is not such a good idea in case there are questions later.

The other thing is still IMHO unbelievable: if you click a parent element on the left side it shows on the right side "(folder) is empty" but on the left side you see the children, and you HAVE to click each one separately. You can even not drag & drop a bunch of folders. I guess everyone would expect that if you click a parent element you immediately see all the children. Normal users are no IT geeks, like us, for me this is just very bad user experience and should be addressed by Microsoft as quickly as possible.