Automatic transcoding of attached text files TXT

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Colleagues, good morning.

A letter is coming from the bank, this letter has an attachment - a text file in TXT format

The ANSI encoding format is specified in the properties of this file.

In the web version of mail, this attachment is read normally.

Outlook 2021 is installed on the computer - and when this email with an attachment arrives in Outlook, the attachment becomes unreadable. The UTF-8 encoding is already specified in the properties of this text file
That is, when Outlook receives an email, it automatically records the attached TXT text file into UTF-8 encoding and, accordingly, the file becomes unreadable

On the left is the file that is visible in the web version. On the right, when the file arrived in Outlook

I put different versions of Outlook - 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013 - everywhere the same problem

Can you tell me where and what settings should be made so that Outlook does not change the encoding of the attached text file?




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