Outlook Templates keep disappearing.

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I have noticed that my Outlook templates periodically disappear/are deleted from Outlook for the Web.  I add several templates.  Pressing My Templates while composing an email...works for a while...then one day they all disappear.  Has anyone else been experiencing that lately?  Thanks.



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I have the same issue in my company. We have train our users to use the "MyTemplates" add-in in Outlook for the web. From times to times, I have users complaining about the disappearing templates.
Since last week (~20April2023), I have a lot of complaints regarding this, it seems the issue becoming bigger and bigger.

We have had exactly the same issue today @Hughes818 


It's really annoying, as I have been used my templates for a long time, and now I will need to build it from zero :facepalm:

@Hughes818 @cmorenob @Florian_T_FR 


Same issue here.  I reported to Microsoft. I will keep you up to date with any responses.

However, during my investigation I learned the following:

"My Templates" is available in the New Outlook for Windows.


My Templates is listed in the Add-ins For Outlook in both applications. 



I also learned that MS has had issues with Flagged Items since April 17th with hope to have it resolve soon.  I shared this information, because it appears something happened in the last update which also aligns with our dates. Stay tune. 


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Any updates - this just happened with the only user that uses them...

Thank you.


Hi @jtruitt


Here are some steps you can take to fix the issue: 


  • Make sure you have the latest version of MS365. 
  • Hit the Continue button, if the introduction page appears. 
  • Ensure that the My Template entry size is 32kb or smaller, as otherwise, it will not save. 
    • Type "Hello" and save it. Close and reopen Outlook and check if the issue is resolved.

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Thank you.   The issue is all of the templates she had set up have just disappeared.   She is telling me this has happened before and they have not come back.


Is that 32kb  per template or cumulative?  

thanks again- john

My guess is as they are executing and deploying features from their "Project Monarch" initiative to try to bring consistency to all of their Outlook application flavors, it is resetting some system services in the process (Just speculating here). If that is the case, it's a shame that they are not backing up and replacing those settings as they deploy those changes :(.


Please report it.

33kb per template 


If I learn new information about this issue, I will share it.




Thank you so much. I went to ADD ons in the picture you posted and there they were!! All my templates! Thank you so much!!!



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I am 100% new at this but I will try my best :)



How can we get the add-on to show in the outlook web version. The template emblem has disappeared from the email message section, altogether!  It shows in "My Add-ons", but it's nowhere on the message icon line or in the Add-ins drop down.



I've been going back and forth with microsoft on this.  They just reopened my case because the user lost her templates again!  

It is looking like at a licensing level - we are G1 we have no control at an admin or individual level over the default templates (being able to turn them on and off as suggested).    My user was unable to save templates - (she was recreating the ones that were lost)   After Microsoft got into it in at the tenenant level they did something and then she was able to save them.    I'm about to write this feature off as use at your own risk.  I've asked to her to keep the text she uses in a word doc.   so when the templates disappear, she can just copy and paste and make new ones - until they disappear again.  


Sorry I didn't actually answer your question. I have the same question.. It shows for one user and not on mine.
Only 1 of 3 of us, at the moment cannot access the templates icon.

@Teresa_Cyrus This is very helpful. The problem I am encountering is that my Templates Add In is showing as Added, but I cannot find where to access said templates. They are no longer in either of the 2 locations where they have been in the past. This is such a great workflow tool....until it isn't.

It's super frustrating when Outlook templates vanish. While I can't directly fix that issue, I can suggest a workaround. You might want to consider creating your email templates using something like Word or Google Docs, and then saving them securely on your computer or in a cloud storage service.

Speaking of templates, if you ever need more than just email templates, you can check out https://freelydocs.com/docstemplates/brochure-templates/. They offer a variety of templates that could come in handy for different purposes.

In our case, in our company, people - using only the Web mode of Outlook - have been complaining a lot about this, that the Add-in and Template button - have disappeared from the email bar. I have been persistently searching to find an answer or an idea when to contact Microsoft, but without success. This conversation of yours is the closest to my situation.

@tcboeira Apps.png

On the top, right side of upper toolbar, there is a box with 4 smaller boxes in it. This is the app area. This is where the Templates will be if not in the normal space.