Outlook Templates keep disappearing.


I have noticed that my Outlook templates periodically disappear/are deleted from Outlook for the Web.  I add several templates.  Pressing My Templates while composing an email...works for a while...then one day they all disappear.  Has anyone else been experiencing that lately?  Thanks.



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I have the same issue in my company. We have train our users to use the "MyTemplates" add-in in Outlook for the web. From times to times, I have users complaining about the disappearing templates.
Since last week (~20April2023), I have a lot of complaints regarding this, it seems the issue becoming bigger and bigger.

We have had exactly the same issue today @Hughes818 


It's really annoying, as I have been used my templates for a long time, and now I will need to build it from zero :facepalm:

@Hughes818 @cmorenob @Florian_T_FR 


Same issue here.  I reported to Microsoft. I will keep you up to date with any responses.

However, during my investigation I learned the following:

"My Templates" is available in the New Outlook for Windows.


My Templates is listed in the Add-ins For Outlook in both applications. 



I also learned that MS has had issues with Flagged Items since April 17th with hope to have it resolve soon.  I shared this information, because it appears something happened in the last update which also aligns with our dates. Stay tune. 


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