You don't have permission to add a Form to this shared workbook.

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I am trying to create a Form for Excel in onedrive but I am experiencing the error message: You don't have permission to add a Form to this shared workbook.


The folder that i'm trying to create this in is one that has been shared by my colleague with me and I have permissions to access it. What happens is that the Excel Sheet is created ok and can be opened (and edited) but the Form loads in another tab and after a few seconds gives the above errror message. I noticed it says "saving..." at the top before giving the error.


I have created 2 other forms for excel in exactly the same way in the past in the same folder which work perfectly so I'm puzzled why it's not working.


Can anyone help?


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Our users are having the exact same issue. I cannot find a resolve posted for this.

this might be an old issue, but we are experiencing as well

Try checking on your O365 Group linked to the sharepoint site, and check if the group has permissions on the library and if the users are members of the group

We have found out that when the permission of the linked group to the library are removed
or when the user is removed from the linked group, then you receive that access error.

My theory is that Forms is trying to access the Excel file by using the O365 Linked group instead of the actual user account thus, getting the access error.
@MikePalomares, your theory seems to be correct. I had this exact same issue, and in my case the end user was assigned a license in MS Forms (and could create forms directly in MS Forms), and was a member of a SharePoint group which had contribute permissions in the document library. However, that person did not belong to the Microsoft 365 group associated with the site. When I added him to the M365 group which had limited permissions on the site, he was able to create an MS Form starting from the SharePoint library. I think your theory is sound - it makes sense that Microsoft's connectors are using M365 groups and not classic SharePoint permissions groups.