Version History of Shared Document

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Is it possible to get version History of the documents which is shared with me by a colleague from OneDrive? if yes then how?

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If you navigate to the persons onedrive URL / directory can you not view the history there?

You can actually. But you need to switch to Classic OneDrive, then navigate to the "common documents" view, use the ... menu to "View library" then use it again to get to the Version control. It's a messy method...

Very, very messy
It's a little cleaner to access if they share a folder vs. a file. But as always if it's an office document as well, don't forget you can access the file history in word/excel/pp etc. by just opening the file in that program and looking at the history button.

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Please, can you guide me where is the History button in Word, Excel, PPT?

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it works perfectly

See below, it's in the newer office 2016 proplus builds but you can use that button when opening via the Office client and see the activity for the file including the ability to view / compare / restore the files previous versions. 


It's Amazing!

I haven't noticed this before.

It works perfectly in Windows but I haven't found this feature in Mac.


Thank you so much, @Deleted for sharing this