Unkown Reason for Re-Sync of Document Libary

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We have been using a SharePoint online site to share documents between around 15 users for the last few months. Most users sync the entire library via OneDrive for Business. Yesterday morning, OneDrive for business started to re-sync a huge number of files for all users simultaneously. This caused major network disruption.

Can anyone explain what might have caused the re-sync of the document library? We did notice that a few users had recently updated their version of Microsoft Office, but I can’t believe this would trigger the behaviour we observed.

Microsoft suggested we view the Audit logs, but I am not clear what action I am searching for.

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Have you updated your machines to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, perhaps?

We don't have a structured roll out, but a few users did update to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update yesterday.  When this happens we suggest they implement Files on Demand.

I am asking because I have often seen a complete resync when updating to Fall Creators Update...