Tips for Restructuring OneDrive for business account on Office 365

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Hi All, 


I have a OneDrive for business for one of the user's account.  



  1. It's an Office 365 tenant. 
  2. Office 365 Tenant exist for the last 5 years. 
  3. Only one of the users reported that there is some issue with his One Drive for Business (OD4B)  account.  


  1. Found that there is no space constraint for the user's  OD4B account. 
    01 Enough Space on OneDrive.png

  2. The key issue is the List Threshold which is way beyond the 5000 limits. 
    02 List Threshold.png



  1. How to resolve the 5000 limits for this user? 
  2. Any guidance creating index for this document so that the user does not his the list 5000 limits. 

    Shall I use this blog post to resolve the issue?  

Please advice. 


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