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GoodDay community ,

We are supposed to switch over so that our users end up using OneDrive as their home drives and Copy a lot of large files to Azure Blob. We thought we had everything ready to copy during our testing but our network got so saturated due to the bandwidth consumed.  We opened a ticket with MS premier support and our assigned PFE engineer to see how we could throttle Azure Blob and throttle down the copying speed to OneDrive. Microsoft said there was not a way to throttle and our google searches came out with nothing. 

 We are looking for some software that is "reliable" but can throttle copying data to OneDrive and Azure blob. (Azure blob to give you an idea is sucking 80% of our internet connection (just one server). While budget can be an issue, we do not care at this point as long as we can get something reliable. We do not want something that does blackout hours as our operation cannot be interrupted at night.

 I am hoping we are not the first ones to run into this situation .

Notice : my question posted on the other communities , and I still have no dependable answer ! Thanks   

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Hi @Alexbayliss1545
Any ideas?
Did you find any way to solve this issue?
I've been looking for a long time for a solution for my problem, and I got the luck to find the "Gs Richcopy 360", it was recommended by an expert, the tool has an effective feature to limit the speed uploading to clouds, it still works fine with us and we are planning to work with it on our remote branches in Canada .
happy to hear that
You will find the same options available in Sharegate too, search it
You are right but the price of Gs Richcopy360 is nearly nothing comparing to Sharegate and it dose the same job1