The file name of the photo file is 8 hours slow

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The file name of the photo file is 8 hours slow




针对 OneDrive 的建议,



















针对 OneDrive 的建议,



Advice for OneDrive:




Microsoft network disk feedback 53771 (OneDrive),




My education account is email address removed for privacy reasons. I used this account to apply for office365 and log in to OneDrive. After the photos I took with my iPhone were uploaded to the OneDrive of my account, the time in the file name of the photo file has always been It's been 8 hours slow. This problem has existed for several years. Please fix it.




For example, it is a photo taken at 17:53:25 on November 9, 2023. After the photo file is uploaded to the Microsoft network disk, the file name of the photo file should be displayed as 20231109_175325000_iOS, but it is displayed as 20231109_095325000_iOS.



Compare the file name after uploading the photo, 20231109_095325000_iOS, which should be displayed normally as 20231109_175325000_iOS. It is 8 hours slower, right?




My contact emails are email address removed for privacy reasons and email address removed for privacy reasons








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@loimueh For safety you should remove your hotmail and gmail addresses from this post.


Check the time and date settings on your system and OneDrive account, including timezone.


If you want someone to "fix it" please contact Microsoft support through your OneDrive apps. This is a public forum, not Microsoft.