Sync file on multiple devices in a custom folder

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I use 2 computers and would like to share outlook macros (and later on files) on both, so that whenever I update the macros on one computer it also gets updated on the other one.


I did sync the file with OneDrive on one computer, but on the other computer it just shows up in the OneDrive folder and not in the outlook macro folder.


How can I synchronize files with OneDrive and have them show up in another folder than the OneDrive folder ?


It should be a basic function but I just can't find it.




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@MaximeLecourt Out of the box, you can't synchronize outside of the OneDrive folders. You'll either need to relocate the Outlook Macros folders on each device inside of OneDrive, deploy Windows roaming profiles (until that feature is officially deprecated) or set up some agent on each device to replicate between OneDrive and other local folders.


Because Office/Microsoft 365 features are advancing rapidly, I would suggest consulting an Outlook forum for the best way to roam/replicate macros. Please let them know what version of Office and platform (Windows/Mac/...) you are using.

Ok, thanks for the answer Mike