Set Retention Policy from 1 year to 6 months - what will happen

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Hi everyone,


i have a change request to set the retention policy from 1 year to 6 months. 

I cannot really "test" it on a test tenant what will happen if a "delegated OneDrive" ist 8 months old. Will it trigger a notification, will it be deleted immediately?

Could not find anything about it in the MS docs. Or does it just affect newly deleted users?


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Retention policies act on items stored within a given site, not the site itself. If you change the duration, items will be reprocessed and the appropriate action taken, depending on the retention settings you've configured. Unless you've specifically configured a "disposition" label, nothing should be deleted, even after items "expire"


Thanks for your answer. But i think the deletion process behind the OneDrive might be more complex



Seven days before the retention period expires, a second email will be sent to the manager or secondary owner as a reminder that the OneDrive will be deleted in seven days.


I do not want that some managers get 16 mails the day i set the new period.

That's not a retention *policy*, read the big note at the end of the article you linked above.


You are right. It's the OneDrive retention setup. We have no additional retention policy in place.

Nevertheless it's unclear what happens if i set the time to 6 months and after that about 150 OneDrives will be deleted

Nothing will be deleted, this only acts after the user object is removed/delicensed.


Maybe i need to describe one case to make it clear.


Current setting: 365 days until delete of OneDrive

Needed setting: 180 days until delete of OneDrive


Colleague left 8 months ago. His manager got access to his OneDrive.

I set the new setting to 180 days.



Does the OneDrive gets deleted without notice?

Does the Manager gets a reminder and the 7 days until deletion starts?

Keep the existing OneDrives the old value and only the new "deleted users" get the new setting?

(Maybe another)


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Oh, so you mean user that was already "deleted"... sorry for being so slow. I'm not sure what the expected behavior is, perhaps @Stephen Rose can clarify this.


I think i will need to try it myself. Or get the OK from the management to just try it.

Tried this in my test tenant.
Set retention date to 90
Deleted some users
Checked after 30 days - OneDrives are there
Set retention policy to 30 days - Onedrives get deleted after 3 days (maybe the SPTimer took some time).