Restrict access for some users to certain folders

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We have Members who access our org's OneDrive, but only need to view a single folder.  Is there a way to set them up in a security group, or similar, that will only grant them access to that single folder on OneDrive?  We do not want to prevent other users in the org from accessing OneDrive, we just want to limit what these specific members have access to.


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Use SharePoint which is what this sort of scenario is designed for. OneDrive is a highly limited subset of SharePoint for a single account owners.
Thank you for the reply. We do currently have SharePoint set up. I'm just wondering if we'll need to remove access to all of the other sites by changing the security group that the members belong to. Right now the users belong to a number of different groups, so that might be why they have access to all of the folders. Perhaps creating a new group and putting those members into it and allowing that group to access the folder is the way to go, rather than remove everyone else's access to the folder.