Remove a synced shared folder link from Onedrive (desktop)

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MS Teams has recently seen the addition of the "Add shortcut to OneDrive" button at the top of the Files tab in channels


Out of curiosity I clicked it to see what happens; it added a link to the shared folder to my OneDrive under "My Files". My OneDrive is synced to my local machine using the OneDrive sync client so the link to the shared folder is now also synced to my local machine.


I decided I didn't want to have a link to the shared folder in my OneDrive so I right clicked the synced linked folder and clicked "Remove Shortcut" - the OneDrive sync client notified me that it was removing the shortcut.


My problem: The shortcut is removed from OneDrive online but remains in my synced (local) OneDrive folder


How do I remove the shortcut to the shared folder from OneDrive, including my local synced OneDrive, without inadvertedly deleting the share?

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looks like ODFB caught up with itself over the weekend; the link to a shared folder turned into a private folder in my OneDrive allowing me to delete it without affecting the original shared folder