Recent files in Excel point to cloud OneDrive instead of local OneDrive

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We have discovered an issue with one user using OneDrive. Microsoft Support could not figure out what the issue is and told us to consult a forum (LOL). Anyone have any ideas what would cause this?
The user saves a file to the local folder for his One Drive setup (C:\Users\jsmith\OneDrive for Business),  When the user goes back into Excel and looks at the recents, it comes up with the link to the OneDrive in the cloud.
Multiple tests have been run with this and the results are the same.  We have not seen this behavior on other OneDrive users's machines.
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This is the correct behaviour in Excel, Ppt and Word in recent builds. Office 2016 now knows that these files are on OneDrive so kind of takes over the syncing to enable co-editing to work.




I am working with two files now, both synced to OneDrive and the 'recent' link for one of them is local and one is in the cloud, even though both were last opened from the local drive. 


I've lost some changes on one of these sheets, and while trying to figure out what is happening, I would prefer to have it at least look like it is doing what I ask.

Could it be that the one locally linked is an XLS and the one linked to the cloud is an XLSX?

Just an idea...

...had to look... they are both xlsm.


I turned off "let Office 2016 sync" and it's working the way I want/expect. if Onecloud and the apps work as they should, that should be enough syncing. I had some errors reported when I had Office 2016 handling the sync, so it's not perfect. Sometimes I have the files open on two computers so we'll see if this causes more problems than before.

I am under the impression that the file that is linked locally is not updated to the latest version.

The fact that, disabling the Office 2016 sync, the two files exhibit the same behavior, could very well confirm this hypothesis, IMHO.

Can you please verify that both files are in the latest Excel format?