Pre- populate email address in One Drive for first time set up

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Hi All,

Just wondering is there any way to pre populate the email address during one drive set up as first time. i have try few option possible option got from internet but won’t work properly. if any one using currently this setup or have idea please share. our AD structure is not hybrid.

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@Vasil Michev  AS there any alternative way? we are not joining device to Azure AD so.

That's really the best way, as it will take care of the entire process. If you only want to pre-populate the address and don't care about seamless SSO experience, you can try this:

@Vasil Michev 


Thanks for sending the link. but how can i use that odopen URL. i mean where i need to set up? i just want to pre populate email only. but not sure how can i use that URL. thanks.