Opening OneDrive from Outlook Web Access Opens in Classic as opposed to Modern OD4B

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Working with a client they are having a very odd issue that I only see in their tenant.


  1. Employee gets an email with an attachment.
  2. Employee clicks on the attachment and choose to save to their OneDrive  
  3. Employee then from Outlook clicks on the View in OneDrive option

For this client, in their tenant, OneDrive is opening in Classic OneDrive as opposed to Modern.  They are configured to run the Modern view and if they navigate to OneDrive via the Waffle, they get the modern experience.


Some other odd issues are that the favicon is different for the two views.  One is showing the SPO favicon and the other is showing the OD4B favicon.  


Any thoughts?

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Hi David,
Did you ever get a solution to this issue? I have a similar issue where the user is directed to the default.aspx page for OneDrive.
Your answer will be appreciated greatly if you could shed some light on this please?