OneDrive taking too much resources

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I have migrated our file server content to SharePoint Online. The idea was to use it with OneDrive as the means to manage our file structure. The sync process is as followed:


1. launch onedrive and log into your O365 account. 

2. launch the browser and go to your SharePoint site and click on the sync link. 


This process is fine. The problem is that the sync does not finish and it's eating up 50-70% of the CPU and memory. 


I have reset and uninstalled OneDrive. I have terminated the process and restarted the process. I have unlinked and relinked the account. I have disabled the Telemetry Service.  I pretty much followed this link to the "T" -  but i still have resource issues.

So the only solution for the mean time is to just use SharePoint Online, but if this is is the case, why does MS promote OneDrive if it does not work as designed. 


By the way, I have 8gb of ram and i5 and i7 procs. 


Please help.  

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@eserrano8 How many files are you syncing? The OneDrive sync tool can slow down as the number of files approach 300k across the libraries being synced. You could try mapping your files to a network drive with a tool like Zee Drive instead which should work fine with document libraries containing 100s of thousands of files.