Onedrive silently configuration won't work after user unlink the account

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hi All,

    I encountered a very strange problem in configurating the Onedrive silently configuration by GPO. 

i used the methods which MS Official recommanded.


Silently configure user accounts


after the following the guide , i could silenty signin onedrive with domain user account when i login the windows.


But then i do some smoking testing on that.

1. Right click the onedrive icon and go to the "setting" Panel

2. Click the "Unlink this PC" link, Unbanding the account with onedrive.

3. Restart / Login off from this PC.

4. Relogin to the PC with the same domain account.


Result :

1. Onedrive silenty configuration didn't work. i need input the account name & password as usual.

2. I check the Crendential Manager on this PC and i won't find the OneDrive Cached Crendential under Windows Crendential.


Someone know why? I hope domain users will login to onedrive automiclly, even they click the "unlink this PC" link.


Someone can help me ? thx!!!!

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