OneDrive Recovery when on Legal Hold

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Scenario:  OneDrive site is placed on indefinite legal hold using a Retention Policy in the O365 Security & Compliance Center. User is deleted.  Is that OneDrive site still preserved beyond the normal 90 days and if so how can I recover that site or the data in it?

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Thank for the reply.  I see the following note...


"If the site is put on hold as part of an eDiscovery case, the site won't be deleted by using this process until the hold is removed. Although an email message is sent as part of the site deletion process (as described in steps 4 and 7), the site will remain on hold until the hold is removed."


Looks like the OneDrive site will stay in the SP Online recycle bin. This is similar to how 'Inactive Mailboxes' works with Exchange. It's just not publicized in the same way as this note was buried in an article.