OneDrive On-Demand not working in OSX if data folder is in another partition/volume

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In Mac OSX Catalina, when you change the OneDrive data folder for another Volume (partition in same disk) the OnDemand stops working. In my case I created two partitions in internal ssd disk. First for operational system and second for data. To reproduce do:


- Download the latest OneDrive client

- Install and choose a folder in a partition different from / 

- OnDemand becomes disabled

- When you enable OnDemand the OneDrive client crashes

- The context menu in finder has no more pin options


If you uninstall and install again and choose you OneDrive folder  in / partition all works. In my case the / partition is very small and stay with OneDrive folder on it is not an option. It seems like a bug, because I can see no reason for these to happen.


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Wellington Rats


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