OneDrive KFM Desktop Shortcut Duplication

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When redirecting the desktop with KFM, any shortcuts deployed via GPO get duplicated whenever the user signs into a PC for the first time. Assuming because the shortcuts get added before KFM has kicked in so OneDrive is never aware of them. Big issue for our students as they have lessons on different computers all the time.


Anyone come across a decent way of overcoming this issue? I have thought about doing a GPO to run a script that removes duplicates however that's very dirty and may remove some items that we don't want removed in the future.


Thought i'd tap into the community knowledge before sinking time into a fix!

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@Rhys Williams did you find a solution to this? It even duplicates shortcuts to Microsoft Edge and other non-GPO shortcuts and really messes up the users desktop.

@mronsmans Unfortunately not. I haven't had any users complain or even notice yet so have put it on the backburner for the minute. I imagine the solution will have to be a script that removes duplicates on logon unless Microsoft come up with a solution.