OneDrive integration with SharePoint On Premise Personal Site

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I have a question is currently if we would like to use the OneDrive, we need to type into the "Email or Phone number" for authentication. my question will be if we use the SharePoint On Premise with OneDrive, and how we should login to the SharePoint Personal Document Library. we also use the Email account? . before if we use the old version of OneDrive, we could put the URL of Library and connect it. But now how should we deal with it.



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Just go to any sharepoint library you have permissions for and click “sync” Onedrive will take care of the rest

@adam deltinger 

thanks for your reply. but when I click "Sync", it will ask me to get the last version of OneDrive and install it. after that, I click "Sync" button once again. it show as shown below. I have no idea on it. before if we use the SharePoint On Premise, we just type the URL of library then connecting it. that's all. but current, what kind of step I do something wrong?



Can you attach the image, hence I can’t see it! Have you checked in file explorer that the library isn’t shown there?

@adam deltinger 


I just search the information on the internet for OneDrive integration with SharePoint 2019 on premise. I found a article from MS ( I follow up the step to setup my lab but the new error show up as the following:


"Sorry cannot add your folder right now" ... so do you have any idea on it.?




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I solve it ... we cannot use the System Account to do it.