Onedrive for Mac - Log - last successfull sync

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On Mac (running latest Sonoma) I looking for a way to find log files that shows latest successfull sync time.
In older mac versions there in the onedrive folder was a .dat file that had entries on last sync times. But in Sonoma the version of onedrive seems to have changed, and the dat file is not there anymore.

I guess somewhere the sync information must be stored if sync has run or not - but cannot find it
Hopefully there is some onedrive mac experts who can help

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Instead of the .dat file, OneDrive now logs sync info in the app itself. Open OneDrive, click on the cloud icon in your menu bar, and then go to 'More' (those three dots). There should be an option called 'Activity Center' or something similar. This shows all recent sync activities. This should help.
I also look for a way to find that information for a rmm skript to monitor that.