OneDrive for Business User ID Mismatch - Access Denied

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Hello all,

after a required user re-creation process (removing accounts from AAD connect sync, removing licenses, delete accounts in AAD/M365 recycle bin, adding users back to AAD connect sync, re-assign licenses) I'm experience the issue that users cannot access their OneDrives with a Access Denied error.


Based on some research this is a known issue and a Microsoft Support ticket should be raised. I've been waiting for four days until now to get any feedback from Microsoft support so far.


The question is: Did someone else also experience this and found another way to cope with it? Without Microsoft Support? E.g. Using SPO/PNP Shell or something to fix it. I did not yet find another way to resolve it.


Any ideas are welcome.


Thank you.


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The problem could be fixed by Microsoft Support.