OneDrive for Business on iPad, stays logged in, MS Authenticator, Privacy issues Sharing iPads

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One of our faculty reported the following problem using shared iPads with students. It doesn't look like there is a group for Mobile apps, does anyone have tips on how to fix this problem?


Student opens OneDrive app on iPad and successfully signs in to their OD4B account using their ID and password.
When they are done with the iPad, they sign out of their OD4B account in the OneDrive app.
Next student to use that same iPad signs in to their OD4B account using the OneDrive app using their ID and password, but instead of it taking them to their OD4B files, it takes them to the previous student’s OD4B files. All of their files. They have total access to the other student’s OD4B folder.

I’m in the process of trying various options to allow the 2nd student to sign in to their account, and I have been successful, though not consistently. This is a BIG problem. I will continue to troubleshoot this and see if I can figure out what constantly works to prevent this, but there’s a much bigger issue here than I can deal with and the potential for HIPAA and FERPA problems are a significant concern.

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