OneDrive for Business Client Network Bandwidth Calculator

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Hello Everyone,


Can anyone share a OneDrive for Business Client Network bandwidth calculator?


Thank you.

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Sorry, but there is not currently a OneDrive for Business Client Network bandwidh calculator. For your reference, check this other thread about this matter:
OneDrive uses the BITS protocol and is network aware, meaning it will slow itself down on slow networks or if the user is doing other network related activity.

Hi Emerson.

You can also control the bandwidth being consumed by OneDrive for Business.

In the OneDrive for Business settings dialog box and on the Network tab, there are separate upload and download bandwidth controls.

Hope that helps.

Ed Gallagher, MVP, MODE


There is now official guidane here:

There is also a Microsoft tool on GitHub that may help (I've not used it before)

/Office 365 Network Bandwidth meter/
This is a beta solution we released recently in September 2018 to:
1, Measure network bandwidth usage for pilot users on-boarded to Office 365 or network bandwidth usage of on-premises users.
2, Build and maintain endpoint monitoring dashboards post on-boarding users to Office 365
This solution uses Azure monitoring, specifically Service Map. You can apply this concept for measuring any SaaS/PaaS traffic, not just Office 365.