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This may sound like an odd question but we were reached out by a couple of users including managers asking if there is a way we could potentially control/ block content that shows up on user's OneDrive Discover View.  The reason for this question is because users/managers have been finding documentation that either is not relevant to the user or that it probably should not be accessed by the OneDrive user (even though the files may have public access).  Thank you!

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Please read this thread!

Also link to where this setting csn be made! This is based on The graph and turning this off affected other things as well!


As well as the information provided already, I’d consider tackling this from a user education point of view and teach that this is expected behaviour but make sure not to share documents inappropriately. Disabling Office Graph is not much of an option as it has a big potential impact on related features. There is a way to hide documents from Delve, not sure if its applicable in this case - Hide documents from Delve.


Also OneDrive is embracing more of this type of functionality, for example with a new recommended view that will highlight documents from people around you, so it’s worth getting used to these features and how they work.

Thank you all!