Onedrive Android can't add Sharepoint URL

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Odd bug on my Android client app:  When I add a new account to Onedrive, I have the option to use a Sharepoint URL.  In the textbox I type in: which is the correct link to get to the website for my sharepoint site.  However, the blue arrow "submit" button does not work.


No variations on this URL seem to work (removing https://, not including the file folder, http).  Any thoughts?  I am assuming it's a bug.


Will this allow me to get access to my sharepoint file library on OneDrive for Android?  That's the primary thing I'm trying to get done.  I am utilizing the Sharepoint app for now, but as I only use Sharepoint for shared file storage it seems overkill.

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I am similarly unable to signin with SharePoint, but after reading a KB article I noticed there is a Libraries tab which allows me to reach my work declivity without any extra signin.

@Mike Williams Can you describe where you found the KB article or the Libraries tab?  I don't see the tab in my Android Onedrive app.

@levitated2020490 First open the shared document libary or folder in the browser on Android. On the upper right corner click the "follow" button. After open the OneDrive app, click the shared libaries and the document libary will appear. I hope it is help. :)