one drive upgrade

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i recently upgraded my onedrive to a bigger one

this caused a bunch of shared files and folders to go haywire :(

that is now all sorted


however i am still pay for the smaller drive


can i def just stop paying for the smaller drive or will that cause further brain ache ?





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If you use OneDrive for Business, you can cancel your subscription without affecting your far as I know.

To do so, you must be a Global or Billing admin.

 Find the subscription that you want to cancel, select the three dots (more actions), then select “Cancel subscription”. In the “Cancel subscription” pane, choose a reason why you are canceling and provide any feedback. Then select “Save”.

If you bought your subscription through a Microsoft representative or a reseller partner, you have seven days to cancel for a pro-rated refund. Contact your seller or partner to help you cancel your subscription.

than you @NikolinoDE 

I am glad that I could help you.