MAM for personal devices

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We are planning to roll out ODFB shortly (no MDM/Intune yet).  The requirements from InfoSec team is to block dowloading, printing, coping and syncing to personal devices.  That's all achievable via MAM if the tenant is in "First release for everyone".  We have tested it out with this configuration which blocks all those activies yet it also prevents users creating new documents or uploading files.  The screenshot below with circled two options won't show up for users at all.  This makes ODFB not useful for users working from personal devices.  Just wondering if there is a solution that allows users use the ODFB tool (create, edit existing file or upload) while prevents them from downloading content to personal devices?  Can MDM/Intune help achive this goal?  Any suggestion is greatly appreicated.  Thanks.


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