Looking to generate Powershell script to copy/move files from ODFB to Sharepoint Online Site

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As a PS Noob, I have been fighting a script for a couple days.

As part of our User Deprovisioning, we need to move all data from the Users OneDrive to a DigitalArchive site in Sharepoint Online.

I have been able to script access to ODFB and transfer files to a local CIFS Share.
I have been able to script access to SPOnline to create new folder structures in the Site.
Where i am failing is connecting the two processes.

I have tried Add-PnPFile, Copy-PnpFile and Move-PnPFolder but it seems that I can only authenticate to one resource at a time which causes a failure of the process.

I figure that because this can be done manually, there should be an underlying Process/Utility that will provide access and all the functionality required.

Can anyone suggest a solution?
Many thanks

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