High Delays while syncing changes of office documents

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We migrated our project file server to SharePointOnline in a new O365 Tenant. About 2 TB and about 450.000 Elements.
At the beginning we copied them to one library and all 30 users where using ODFB for syncing the files to there local computers with the option files on demand. We also setup the same user rights in SPO as we had on the old file server.
After the ODFB sycronisation of all users were finished we are facing some huge performance issues. Some users had to wait up to 15minuted until the ODFB starts to sync after a reboot. If they are changing a small office document it takes up to 15 minutes that the changes are available for the other users ... and so on.
We contact MS and they tell us to split the files to new libraries. Each one shouldn't contain more then 300.000 elements.
We did it but there was no improvement.
I'm wondering if there are physical limitations in ODFB when you are syncing to many files. Maybe the database behind is too slow.
We are using the current version of office 365, win 10 1809, ODFB developer ring version. We have a 120Mbit sym. Data line at the main location. The traffic on the router is normal.
Does anyone has experiences with the syncronisation of huge sharepoint libraries?
Is there any way to improve?
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@Andreas Ratzke 


Hi, I have had the exact same experience managing IT for a small company with 15 users.

We have about 450gb of data, 350.00 files that are split up into to 4 libraries but with the biggest one being over 100.000 items. We have 1gb/s fiber connection and our network connection is barely breaking a sweat.


-Save a file.

-Wait a few minutes.

-"Uploading 0kb of 0 kb" (no network utilization)

- Waiting 5 minutes up to 1 hour for a simple document or pdf the be in sync. 

Somtimes uploads stall completely. The only way to fix it is for the user to pause/restart onedrive.


From what I can read in the documentation there is a performance penalty above 100k files for Onedrive, and also above 350k files for Sharepoint online libraries.


Is has been a nightmare from the beginning, and we are still not sure if we will be able to stay with O365 for our files or if we have to find another solution.


This problem is not occuring in the regular Onedrive for consumers version.

There is definetly something with sharepoint online that is killing the performance there.


I have tried EVERYTHING (does not matter which OS, Onedrive version, network connection/location, filetypes, firewalls).

I have been in contact with MS support, no luck.  No one has even admitted to the problem even existing or have been able to find something wrong in our setup.


Right now we are preparing to clean up our data, and move it into two separate sharepoint sites and also into different libraries. This way I am hoping to make the 100k and 300k file limits respectively.

Also differential sync is rolling out not, this might alleviate the problem a little bit, but i doubt is, since it is not the actual download/upload speed that is the bottleneck.


Hope you find a solution or get out while you can :) Please let me know.

Thanks for you reply. I'm glad that we are not alone with that problem. But I really want to know if it's a bug or a limitation.
At the moment we are synchronizing all files via ODFB to a Windows Server with an Admin Account and rebuild the similar user right structure there. Really not a best practice.
Hope someone from MS can give us an answer ...