Forcing custom metadata on ODFB does not work

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Hi All, first time poster so please be gentle with me! Has anyone managed to set up using a custom content type with customer metadata on OneDrive.


I've created a new custom content type in the content hub and configure OneDrive to use it as the default. However when I add a document via "Upload" in the New Experience the required metadata is ignored and the file appears in OneDrive.


When I do the same thing in Classic Mode the required metadata is ignored but in OneDrive the file appears to be checked out to me.


When I click on New to create a new document using the custom content (in both New and Classic experiece) and try to save it back I'm told that the file is checked out to me and it must be checked in. When I try to check it in I get "cannot perform this operation. The file is no longer checked out or has been deleted".


Has anyone got any advice on how I can use a custom content type with OneDrive to enforce required metadata.


Many thanks Nigel

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In the new user experience for SPO and ODFB metadata is not enforced anymore

Does it work OK in classic? Even in classic it doesn't work in the same way it does for Team Site librarys.