Empty Recycle Bin automatically

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Is there a way to empty automatically the recycle bin of a certain user ?

for instance empty the bin every 24 hours ?


unfortunately i found only this "request" from 2015 :(



via policy ? via API ?

..please NOT via powershell cmdlet! :)



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Hi Stefan,


If you are running Windows 10 maybe this could do the trick for you....?




thanks thomas


in my case this doesn't help at all. :)

i'm performing a user simulation against my cloud tenant.

one of the simulation is for instance  targeting onedrive (uploading file - deleting, etc..)
whenever i'm done with the simulation, i would like to empty the bin automatically so that i don't end up with hundreds of of files in the trash. (the 90days period is too long)


i was just thinking if there is a way via user policies (e.g empty trash after 24h for this particular user account).....but even this does not exist for onedrive :((


i'm wondering why MS does not provide such simple function to their customer base


i hope that i just simply miss something here :)

Short answer, as you might wornder, is No...so you can cook yourself the automatism to empty user's recycle bin using SPO APIs (CSOM / REST)