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Alerts in OneDrive for Business would be an awesome addition in general. Users can create alerts on a library, folder or File. I would love Alert functionality in OneDrive for Business in general.

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Hello@lgonyea ! 


These kind of notifications are available in SharePoint Online. 

Bur from my knowledge its not available out of the box for OneDrive. 


I would suggest using Power Automate ( Previously known as "Flow" ) For that. 

See below example of a flow like that using Power Automate.


Let me know if you have further questions. 


Kind Regards
Oliwer Sjöberg

@oliwer_sundgren thank you, but I don't believe that is available for OneDrive for Business. When I had tried that last year it connected to my personal OD and created connections that I had to remove or weren't allowed by our business. I'm looking for this for Business Users.

Hello again@lgonyea!


I've done some testing in my demo environment and think I've found something that is a bit closer to what you are looking for? 

This is a bit more "complex" for the regular user but is do-able with a guide. 


  1. login to Onedrive in your webbrowser ( from ) 
  2. Once in, click on "Return to classic sharepoint" in the lower left 

  3. Click the cogwheel in the upper right and make sure that the ribbon is turned on 
  4. After that, mark the folder you want notifications on, and then click on "Library" tab in the ribbon
  5. Under "Alert me" click on "Set Alert on this library" 

  6. And then type the user/email address for who you want to receive the alerts 


Hopefull this works better for you! 
Let me know if im right or way off :) 


Kind Regards
Oliwer Sjöberg

@oliwer_sundgren ah thank you for the screenshots and to locate the Show Ribbon under the gear as when I initially clicked Return to classic OneDrive, I was unable to locate any Alert me options. For now, as you said a bit complex to get there, it can be done.


But I did, however, stumble onto some Flow/Power Automate options now for OD for Bus that I may also come in handy, Get a push notification for when a file is added in OneDrive for Business. I plan to test this as it can come in handy for the new File Upload option for Personal Owned Microsoft Forms because it saves the files to OneDrive. 


Push notification for added file is great. Now one for when a file is modified would complete the circle to not have to return to Classic. 

No problem@lgonyea

Ah I see, I thought you meant with your previos post that Flow was of the table in your scenario, I must have missread :p 


Good to hear that youve found some tests! 
Let me know how it goes!