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I am the Admin for a very small company and I am trying to get users to make more use of OneDrive.  We currently have the simple Microsoft 365 Apps for Business plan, but we are likely moving to Microsoft 365 for Business Standard plan very soon.  We don't have any form of AD.


I am trying to find out if there is a way to systemically set OneDrive so that it backs up certain folders by default.  For example, the Documents folder would automatically be synced with OneDrive for every user.  I looked at the OneDrive Admin center and could not find anything.  I could not find anything in the Office 365 Admin center either.


I apologize if this is already a topic.  I tried searching but could not find this answer.




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You can do this via GPO:


Though in your case, lacking centralized management via AD, you'll have to deploy the corresponding reg keys by some other means... Or wait for the Office cloud policy service to support those settings.