Automation - Sync SharePoint sites to File Explorer based on User Access Permissions

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Hi everyone.


I am trying to automate the process of syncing team site libraries to the local file explorer of the device, based on what libraries a user has access to.


I have been playing with different options such as the OneDrive Administrative Template "Configure team site libraries to sync automatically" but I haven't found a solutions.


Case Scenario:


User_X - has access to Site_A and Site_B - has been assigned Device_1

User_Z - has access to Site_C and Site_B - has been assigned Device_2




Device_1 is enrolled by User_X in Intune. OneDrive syncs Site_A and Site_B to the local File Explorer. 

Admin gives User_X access to Site_F. OneDrive syncs Site_F to local File Explorer.


Device_2 is enrolled by User_Z in Intune. OneDrive syncs Site_C and Site_D to the local File Explorer. 

Admin removes User_Z access to Site_C. OneDrive un-syncs Site_C from local File Explorer.



Any ideas?


Thank you

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Apologies if this is not the right board for this discussion.

Is there anyone that has tried something similar?