Are videos uploaded to onedrive processed by Azure Media Service?

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Can somebody tell me if videos uploaded to SharePoint sites and Onedrive for Business directly (not via Video Portal) will be processed by Azure Media Service and optimized for streaming? Or they will be streamed "as is"?

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No, only videos uploaded to Office 365 Video are transcoded by Azure Media Services.

When you upload a piece of content to Office 365 Video, SharePoint uploads that content to Azure Media Services where the content is encoded into various formats for adaptive smooth streaming so that the consumer can get the best playback experience based on the combination of device and bandwidth capabilities.



Find the link for more info.



It's important to note that the original video files remain in the SharePoint site collection for the channel to which they are uploaded along with the metadata for the video. The transcoded files are the only data that end up in Azure Media Services.