Question regarding incremental migrations using MS SharePoint Migration Tool

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Hello everyone! 


I had a question regarding the mechanics of incremental OneDrive migrations using the MS SharePoint Migration Tool.


First off, I do understand that if a user runs a migration, saves that migration, then re-runs it again, that an incremental migration will be performed. 


What I don't know (and am hoping to get a definitive answer about), is whether or not a migration will be incremental if a different user runs a "new" migration on a user who has already been migrated by a different user. 


For example, the person who originally performed the migration is no longer available, and a new person runs a new migration of the exact same data, will the migration tool look at the destination, see data with the same file names, and skip those already existing files and only migrate new files? 


Please let me know if my question doesn't make sense. I tried to word it in a decently comprehend-able manner. :) 


Thanks in advance, everyone!


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