Making a Sharepoint Library offline without re-downloading files that already exist on the PC

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We have a 100GB sharepoint document library that our users are required to have read only offline access too.  Users are initially shipped a USB stick containing a copy of these files that they transfer to their PC.  When setting up their laptops to sync with Sharepoint using the native OneDrive app they don't have the bandwidth, hard drive space, or time to re-download all 100GB.  They should only have to download new and updated files that differ from the original copy supplied by the USB stick. 


Does any one know how we can get OneDrive to see the existing file which are identical to those within the Sharepoint library and only download the changed files? 


We've already tried closing the OneDrive app, moving those files in to the Sharepoint folder and restarting OneDrive.   This works successfully with users that have write access to the OneDrive library, but users with read only access get an access denied error so are unable to pre-populate the local Sharepoint folder with their existing files.


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks


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