Inconsistent experience when sharing video's stored in OneDrive for Business for different tenants

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I'm getting inconsistent experiences when sharing a video stored in OneDrive for Business in different tenants. 


In tenant A, the video starts playing in the browser. 

In tenant B, I'm getting an error in Windows Media Player (Windows Media Player cannot access the file..)

In tenant C, the video starts playing in Windows Media Player.


This is all tested using the same machine, same network, same OS, same browser and the same video file. 


Have created a ticket with Microsoft support for this. They asked some questions, shared a video file with me and then explained that this is not an issue with O365. The video they shared worked in the browser, but when I share the same video with an external user, the video is opened with WMP. Tried with my personal tenant and there I get the WMP error. Here's what Microsoft support shared with me after receiving the results of my investigation:


"We, as a Support Service for Office 365, do not have the training or resources to troubleshoot issues related to Internet Explorer or Windows 7. I understand your point that the video is hosted in Office 365 servers, but the different behavior in different computers relates to the OS and browser configuration, not Office 365... We can keep the ticket open today..., but from a troubleshooting point of view, there is no active issue with Office 365 services, so we consider the case is closed.


Was surprised to get this email as browsers are required to reach most Office 365 services and Internet Explorer 11 is the latest/official browser for Windows 7. I'm also getting inconsistent experiences while the other variables remain the same. How can this not be supported? Have checked the system requirements for O365 and this is what I have found: 


Internet Explorer: Office 365 and Office 2019 are designed to work with Internet Explorer 11. We recommend that you upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, if you are using an earlier version. Office might continue to work with versions of Internet Explorer other than Internet Explorer 11, but Office can’t provide any guarantees.


Is anyone else experiencing this and can someone explain to me the statement coming from Microsoft support?


Update: Ticket is now with IE support. They asked for a call. Asked them to read the emails that I already had sent with the results from my investigation. 

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