SharePoint 2013 - Office 365 Pro Plus - groove.exe goes wild - MS support needed

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Hi everyone,


i already posted at technet forums Link. But now i want to open up a "Software assurance case" at Microsoft. The support page does not take my contract ID and SA ID. (i did that before and it worked).


So i want to call MS Commerical support. BUT NO ONE ANSWERS ANY PHONE!! the support number in germany is wrong and the numbers in switzerland and austria respond: "Our office is closed"


Can anyone tell me a number from MS that i can call to get the support i paid for?


These numbers are crap


It's such a simple task and it already costs me about an hour.


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Finally got someone on the phone. We now created a paid MS support case as this would be the only possibility.


I found this article that describes what we want to do from @Bill Baer 


The groove client that is included in Office 365 Pro Plus 1808 is the Office 2016 groove client or did i get something wrong? Do i have to install the groove client somehow manually?