Client ID - 0c4b69a8-adac-4ec1-b310-6c28ff9fa263 Does NOT exist in App registrations.

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I'm working on OneDrive POC for one of my customer.


Here are few details,


Very firstly, I have cloned a maven project from Github - isac322/OneDrive-SDK-java: OneDrive SDK for Java (


Now, after a build success, I'm downloading files from OneDrive successfully with below client details. And, these details come from the project that I cloned. So, there is no change to them.

   Client ID: 0c4b69a8-adac-4ec1-b310-6c28ff9fa263

   Client secret- {some value}

But, these client details DO NOT exist in any app from App Registrations section at 



Now, here are some questions.


1)Where do the client details [client ID: 0c4b69a8-adac-4ec1-b310-6c28ff9fa263  and secret] come from?

         1.1) Where do they live exactly?, do we have access to it?

         1.2) Who maintain these client details?

         1.3) Can they be altered by anyone?

         1.4) How could it be possible that the same client Id is being used by many other users and get access to their OneDrive?

          1.5) How can I download  files using my own client credentials?


Thanks in advance!




2) If I change these client details by any other client details from apps I created at , I DONT able to download files. What's wrong?




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You need to create your own client from your own tenant, apply the necessary roles/auths and go from there.

You need to read up on creating a service principal.

Hello BradD,

Thanks for replying promptly!

After I set up app from app registrations, I'm able to login this time without any issues.

But, I have already used my app credentials last time, but it did not work and now worked. What's really happening?

And, here is another issue I'm facing now.

I'm able to authenticate using authcode, but UNABLE to authenticate using refresh token.

I'm getting Unauthorized exception when trying to authenticate using refresh token.

Here's some info about my app set up in app registrations.

-> created app with some name
-> added client secret
-> created redirect uri's, one for web, and another for mobile and desktop app. they both haave a value of http://localhost:8080/
->Added permissions under API permissions, the permissions are only for file reads, so just added "Files.ReadWrite.All, User.Read, offline_access"
->Assigned roles are "Files.ReadWrite.All, offline_access"

Can you please help me with that why I'm unable to authenticate using refresh token?