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I don't even think I'm in the right board when it asked me to join a discussion!! I just want to know if I can delete my pictures off my device and make sure they are saved on my one drive app. Keep seeing online under the help section that I should automatically upload the files and photos to OneDrive. I do not see under settings a upload option. I'm using my Samsung Galaxy android phonrb  What am I doing wrong. This seems silly but I do not want to mess it up

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@JodiGloss - I have an Android phone with Google Photos. I take a picture on the phone, it gets backed up to (Cloud Storage) on the web. If I delete a photo on my phone it gets deleted from in other words the 2 are in sync. I assume that with Samsung you can back up to either Google or Samsung cloud storage so probably have this in operation already.

I also have the OneDrive app installed on my phone and its set up to back up photos too. I therefore get 2 back ups, one to Google, one to OneDrive. However, with OneDrive, if a photo is deleted on the phone it ISNT deleted from OneDrive.


So, for you to replicate this, go to OneDrive, tap on 'Me' (bottom right), select 'Settings' and turn 'Camera upload' to 'On'.


OneDrive will then back up any photo you take automatically, just as it does with Google (& I assume Samsung). 


If you then go to and log in, you should see a Pictures/Camera Roll folder where you photos will be sent.


Hope this helps.

Right-click and Change to Online only. Go into settings by right clicking icon on Mac or on Windows and you'll get Preferences with a setting that addresses this as a default. i.e. Do you want optimized for speed and access, or do you want more local disk space but be able to click and temp download each file quickly and open and save it back a with async functionality.