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I was wondering if anyone ever tried to use inline svg structure into their signature. I use this om my apple mail and want to use it in outlook for Mac as well. The problem is I can nog make it work because I can not add HTML signature to outlook. 


I want to use this because I see a lot of FWD emails with attached images of all logo and icons. By using inline svg this problem is solved and everything will always stays in place. 


Does anyone know how I maybe can use this type. And not by adding a image and than select a svg file because than it still will be added as a separate fill and not encoded in the signature. I hope someone has a solution for this.


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So you should go to the following link: 

Then you should do the drag and drop as you see in the picture

2020-03-04 16_54_24-Base64 Image Encoder.png


Then copy the code of the picture

2020-03-04 16_55_41-Base64 Image Encoder.png

2020-03-04 16_58_27-Base64 Image Encoder.png

and paste it in the following string <img src="[[HERE]]" />


Create an html page and paste the following string  <img src="[[HERE]]" />


Open page with browser:

  • command + a --> select all
  • command + c --> copy
  • and command + v --> paste in signature

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@FabioO365GoD the question was how to use a SVG (vectorial) in signature, not how to use arbitrary JPEG data

@sdudnic to use an SVG you need to change the HTML of the signature

but you have to post the image otherwise, whoever receives your email does not have the possibility to see the image


I suggest you convert it to base64


Thank u

@FabioO365GoD when converted to base 64, will it remain the scalable vector graphic? like same quality on zoom?

@sdudnic No, I'm sorry the image loses quality

If you want this not to happen publish the image and get the URL


'<img src="my-url-image.svg">'

I tried to edit the HTML file and put the SVG instead of the JPEG logo

<img width='139' height='39' src='default_files/logo.svg'

it didn't work, the default_files folder was deleted after that try

@sdudnic I have not encountered any problems







I mean, I put the SVG in HTML, not just a link to a file.
the problem with the link to SVG, you should host it somewhere, the file, to be available to people outside your organisation, as well as that you should be online to view it. it will not download it...