saving emails & attachments to SharePoint

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Does anyone know, anyone from MS maybe have an idea, if MS have in their roadmap the ability to saves emails & attachments direct to SharePoint from the web based version of Outlook?


Seems you can only save to your personal OneDrive. There are 3rd party apps and some of these are good. And yes I know i can sync folders etc. But it seems like such a basic feature I don't understand why there isn't a native version as part of Outlook online. Would speed up my day!

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@Shane_Fergusson That's a fair question. Don't know why really. Perhaps Power Automate can assist for the time being?


I understand you know how it works and also pointed out third-party apps. But just want to add this to my reply as I understand it will provide the alternative for client and web (if you haven't already seen it).


From the Store (Get Add-ins in the menu bar in Outlook).





Was this ever added or do customers still have to pay for a 3rd party to get this feature?