Visual Studio 2019 pro to an MSIX package

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As anyone been able to successfully package Visual Studio 2019 or 2022 to an MSIX package? I need VC for an Intel oneAPI complier install.


I have tried, but unfortunately I get an error when I launch the VC package, I get the following error! does anyone one have any idea how to fix this?




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@ColinGiles I would not expect to get Visual Studio to work under MSIX - It contains a minefield of issues.


Packaging up the needed components, maybe starting with VS Code could work.   Otherwise, I would recommend looking into DevBox, where you pretty much set up an image with Visual Studio and stuff installed.

@TIMOTHY_MANGAN I found out that Visual Studio doesn't support being packaged to an MSIX format! the work round for me is to install Visual Studio in the base build and package the app that requires access to Visual Studio files.

Well VS Code works like a champ in MSIX...
I know the VS code is supported in MSIX, just not the VB Software