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Hi Guys,


We're doing a POC of MSIX at the moment in our company. We currently use a mixture of App-V 5.x and MSI and are looking at possibly implementing MSIX if it suits. At the moment we are having a number of issues relating to the Sybase ASE 15.7.0 database client. It is a pre-req to most of our in-house developed applications so it is critical that we get it working.


Some of the issues are;

1) Sybase uses multiple environment variables and the %Path% variable to locate its files. This is currently unsupported. Are there any plans to add this functionality for application specific Environment variables? e.g. from App-V package


<EnvironmentVariables Enabled="true">


          <Variable Name="SYBASE_JRE6_32" Value="[{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Sybase\Shared\JRE-6_0_24_32BIT" />

          <Variable Name="LIB" Value="[{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Sybase\OCS-15_0\lib" />

          <Variable Name="SYBASE_ASE" Value="ASE-15_0" />

          <Variable Name="SCROOT" Value="[{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Sybase\Shared\Sybase Central 6.0.0" />

          <Variable Name="SYBASE" Value="[{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Sybase" />

          <Variable Name="SYBASE_OCS" Value="OCS-15_0" />

          <Variable Name="SYBASE_JRE6" Value="[{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Sybase\Shared\JRE-6_0_24_32BIT" />

          <Variable Name="INCLUDE" Value="[{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Sybase\OCS-15_0\include" />

          <Variable Name="SYBROOT" Value="[{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Sybase" />

          <Variable Name="PATH" Value="%PATH%;[{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Sybase\ini;[{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Sybase\DataAccess\OLEDB\dll;[{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Sybase\OCS-15_0\lib3p;[{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Sybase\OCS-15_0\dll;[{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Sybase\OCS-15_0\bin" />



2) We are using SCCM Virtual Environments to link our Sybase package to our different In-House applications. Currently this is unsupported in MSIX but this functionality is being developed I believe. Does anyone have an update on this?


Thanks in advance.


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MSIX Flexible Containers (working name) is currently under development.  It will ship in an upcoming Windows release, but it is not part of the current spring release.  Watch the blog for an announcement when it is available in insider builds.


For the environment variables, please add an item to the ideas section and we can track it with our backlog.