msix app not automatically updating on windows server

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My wpf msix app automatically updates on windows 10 local machines, but does not update automatically on our rds windows 2019 server.  I've tried implementing custom updating using the packaging api but that is not working either and throws "external component has thrown an exception";



  var package = new PackageManager();

                var volume = package.GetDefaultPackageVolume();

                var result = await package.AddPackageByAppInstallerFileAsync(new Uri(installerPath), AddPackageByAppInstallerOptions.ForceTargetAppShutdown, volume);



How do I get automatic updates to work on windows server?

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Hi @chris-evans,


To help us investigate, can you please file a Feedback Hub item under Category: Developer Platform > App deployment. Please also include the App Installer file you're using and the complete error you're getting when trying to update from code.